How fast WordNet we have with qcompile!


Several years ago, I tested qcompile in WN, and found amazing it was cutting time to 1/10 (more or less). Today, it cuts time to almost 1/60. Awesome…

Will try to patch pack(wordnet) providing download from github, currently there is no way to get WN pldb … or I’m wrong ?


For BPL, we downloaded WN 3.0 (because we did not found version 3.1) from:


Part of that is good news (QLF loading is indeed somewhat faster), most is bad news: loading from source has become slower over the years. The is caused by source location propagation, making information about variables available to goal/term expansion and scanning for dict.key arguments. As QLF code is basically a set of VM instructions abstracted just enough to be machine independent, all this overhead is not associated with QLF files.


I would not call it ‘bad news’, but a great example of code ‘aging well’, like best wines, because on my fanless machine:

?- time(load_wordnet).
% 9,272 inferences, 1.400 CPU in 1.401 seconds (100% CPU, 6622 Lips)