How to change the url of the code of a pack

I’m updating the lbfgs pack
and I would like the pack to point to GitHub - friguzzi/lbfgs: An interface to call libLBFGS from within SWI-Prolog
However, if you do


I got

ERROR: Server reported the following error:
ERROR: No permission to register pack(lbfgs) `'''

How should I proceed?


There’s some discussion about pack URLs here (including URL patterns and migrating servers):

IIRC, @jan needs to do something if the server changes.
Have you tried uninstalling the pack and removing all the files, then doing the pack_install?

Yes, I tried and I obtained the message above. The problem is that the pack was created when github used the old style URLs of the form git:// that are no longer working, so the pack is not accessible anymore, @jan, can you please update the address to

Updated. Seems to be in good shape again. Also registered the latest version.