Installing SWI Prolog on Android using KBOX


Is there a way to install SWI Prolog on Android using KBOX (i.e. Android Terminal Emulator or ConnectBot)? I have Android 4.2.2, so I can’t use Termux. I think the way to install packages would have to be different then. See here:

I don’t think this is possible currently, someone would have to port SWI-Prolog to KBOX.

Probably. The work by erlanger resolved many of the issues in selecting the right components for Android and (notably) enhance the pipelines for cross-compiling SWI-Prolog. This means that generating versions for small devices using cross-compilation is now pretty well supported. Typically it still requires the last steps to be taken though.

Thank you.

It would be great already if there is someone considering in that direction. Unfortunately I am neither familiar with the internal structure of SWI Prolog nor with that of Android. Honestly, I also only just started programming in Prolog. So I can’t help myself here. For the moment I will have to stick with another distribution of Prolog running on Android.