SWI Prolog from Android App: Cross-Compiling for SWI ARM


I plan to call my Prolog program from within an Android application.

The current solution of running SWI-Prolog under Android requires having Termux installed which I discovered not to be ideal since Termux is not compatible with at least all my Android devices; plus I still cannot put my head around how to handle the call chain Android App -> Termux -> SWI Prolog.

I am thinking of calling swipl as an external binary straight from my Android application. For this, I need to cross-compile swipl for ARM.

Can anybody from experience tell me whether or not this is a good idea, and whether or not it will result in me tearing whatever hair I have left?

Many thanks,

Most likely you will not have any hair left :slight_smile: For a usable swi-prolog library there are many dependencies and you will have to cross-compile all of them. Along the way you will find many glitches which will take the rest of your hair :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: