Installing Swipl-8.2.1 in Mac catalina, with eclipse PDT plugin - path to prolog executable is invalid

Yes, the documentation for Mac anything is sad. I will try to contribute - once I get it working myself.

Actually,don’t have any issues with the installation of Prolog. I just can’t get it working with Eclipse and the PDT.

Currently, getting the console error

! org.cs3.prolog.connector.process.PrologProcessException: org.cs3.prolog.connector.process.PrologProcessStartException: Failed to start the Prolog process.
! The path to the Prolog executable is invalid.

I got this after going into Eclipse->Preferences->PDT->Prolog Process, and entering the path that works on Mac:


I say “that works on mac” because this is what I have added to my $PATH, and I am able to launch SWI-Prolog from my terminal.

But it’s clearly not working for Eclipse.

It’s good to note that I get the same error whether I have this Preferences entry, or not. So, there is some other “path to executable” within eclipse that is not valid.

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