Is there a way to get pldoc to process a raw markdown file?

I want to pull some overview material out of my *.pl source file and put into a markdown file. It is in the right format for pldoc and doc_save/2 successfully generates it when it is in the *.pl file.

Is there a way to point doc_save/2 at a pure markdown file and do the same thing?

PLDoc looks for a file called to use as the overview page. I’ve made notes of what I’ve learned using PLDoc and PLUnit at Prolog - Frontier Software

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Very helpful, thanks!

I was hoping for a way to do an arbitrarily named .md file since there are other files in the directory and will look like it is for the whole directory (which it isn’t). Sounds like there isn’t a way to do that?

The documentation at SWI-Prolog -- Manual indicates if a README.{txt,md,…} exists, it is put at the top before a table of loaded *.pl files, and then if there is a TODO.{txt,md,…}, it goes at the bottom.

Those filenames are hardwired as far as I understand, but can’t claim to be an expert.