Want to apply pldoc to files not under ~/.local/ directory

pldoc option seems to be fixed to work for files under the directory


Is there some way to apply pldoc to files under any directories ?

Have you had a look at doc_save/2? I think it should work with any directory.

Thanks. But my purpose is just to preview source codes in plain texts, and cares for html and css are not necessary.

Trying this query, I noticed I know nothing about pldoc. Anyway I have to read document about pldoc first.

?- doc_save('~/devel/zdd/', [recursive(true)]).

In a daily using swi-prolog activating script of mine to start SWI-Prolog in ediprolog mode from emacs,
I have added pldoc option like this with a lazy man’s lucky expectation.

$SWIPL --pldoc -q -l $PACSETUP -s $ZDD

which was before:


It is almost surprising that all seems to work fine as I had wanted as for pldoc.

On the other hand, at the terminal this didn’t work, but seems to point document under ~/.local/
$ swipl --pldoc

Anyway thanks for hint, it was useful finally.

AFAIK it simply shows the directories from which files are loaded. So, if you load the pack(s) you are interested in it should allow navigating there.

I am learning things work as your comment. A command line execution of the script behaves in the same way as via Emacs. Thanks.