Is there is way to monetary contributions?

Is there a simple way for small monetary contributions to SWI-Prolog ?
I could not find anything relevant on the website.


Nicos Angelopoulos


Glad you bring that under the attention. SWI-Prolog participates in the Github sponsor program, so we have this link


Note that GitHub is kind enough to sponsor all the overhead, so all the money you donate goes to SWI-Prolog. Thanks for those who did sponsor! Unfortunately the total amount doesn’t even pay for the hosting. Ideally I’d like to use it to sponsor development, preferably by funding others to get involved.

Still in search for a better business model …


Thanks for explaining this. I’ll make a small donation for sure

Apropos this:

well, who isn’t? :sweat_smile:

Best Regards

To sponsor one has to pay a certain amount per month? Isn’t it possible to make one-time donation? Like the once/1 predicate? Thanks

PS: Ok. I got it. It’s possible

thank you Jan,

I missed the link on the “main page” I was looking at the menus from the packs page.
I think it would make sense to add a menu entry under “Community” ?
(And one under “Commercial” just in case…)

A quarterly (or more frequent) message on this forum would be an idea too.

In what ever medium, it would be good to highlight the points you just made.

Thanks again,


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Good to know it is easy to miss. I always dislike begging … You are probably right though.

You are right in that it can be off-putting, although I would n’t go as far as calling it “begging”.
It is hard to get the balance right, but a footnote on a page that not many have a reason to visit, is likely on the lacking side.
A mention or two on the menu and a reminder every few months, that is quite short and factual, would n’t be too much in my opinion.

You make a very good point about continuity in the github page.

Regarding the more general point, I have always hoped that academic projects could
have been a source of income, unfortunately, as far as I am aware, this hasn’t been the case
for the past years. SWI and Prolog are really great human artifacts, the lack of academic push says more about the type of community we have created rather than the intellectual potential.



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Thanks for your contribution!

There is no way in heaven or hell that blockchain helps build a greener future :sweat_smile: or maybe your “green” has a particular meaning? Could you elaborate?

Hi Jan,
You are not begging… that is the wrong mindset.
You give people an opportunity to share in something you thoroughly believe in: this wonderful and important project!

Thank you for all these years of dedication and your enormous contribution to something many, many people all over the world enjoy. I didn’t know I could contribute, but I will certainly do so.