Linear and logistic regression - Reply 1



I find the logistic regression predicate very useful and consider integrating it in my code. Is there a particular license I should keep in mind?


I could make the linear regression run without qq:

    <- (scatter3D(x,y,z,xlab="x1",ylab="x2",zlab="y",xlim=c(-10,10), 
               ylim=c(-10,10), zlim=c(-10,10),
                bty="b2", clim = range(zs),col="black"),
 	   surf3D(xs, ys, zs, xlim=c(-10,10), ylim=c(-10,10), zlim=c(-10,10),
            bty = "b2", border = "gray",add = 'TRUE', 
            clim = range(zs), alpha=0.9)).

I only needed to place TRUE in single quotes. Bug or feature?