Regression logistics please help

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version: 8.2.0

I want the code to: regression logistics a model to classify images into a groups
and I don’t know how to do that in SWI Prolog please can U help

Theoretically you could do this in Prolog, but Python or Matlab for example are more suitable tools.

Yes I already worked this kind of project under python. But now I have to program them with swi prolog and unfortunately I did not find topics to help me

In the end, Python and Matlab (and R) are not much more than scripting languages for low-level tools written in C(++) when it comes to statistics and machine learning. You can use all three of them through SWI-Prolog’s foreign language interface(s). If you need tighter integration, especially many of the Python low-level C libraries are pretty generic C libraries that can be connected directly to SWI-Prolog’s foreign language interface. Whether or not that is worth the trouble depends on a lot of factors. It surely can be, in particular if SWI-Prolog’s multi-threading support is of use. In some cases it might be a lot of work. In others, interfacting directly to the C library is not more work than interfacing through Python/R/Matlab.

If most of your problem is some scripting over ML libraries, Prolog is not an obvious choice as there is far more stuff ready to use for the other mentioned libraries. If you want to get into the neuro-symbolic stuff creating the necessary bridges can be a good move.

If you do so, please share as a pack. Growing our eco system is very important!