Linux 22.04, wanting graphical user interface

on ubuntu 2204 hi im , prolog 9.1.18

wanted deve version so used snap install.

start from commandline as prolog
other names dont work swi-prolog etc

pce does not work

Also use_library( pce ) which loads
but does not work

(while in command line version)

HOWEVER running gtrace, i do get the windows setup - its ok in the standard release (but i want janus work) …

i Also saw on the linux command line the command
–pce=true but that failed to help

Any Ideas folks
i have a feeling its a simple user errot :frowning:

I’ve built prolog on Ubunty myself, it’s quite straightforward process.
Got swipl-win and graphical debugger working.

Kind of weird. use_library does not exist. This works

?- use_module(library(pce)).

After which this dumps some information

?- send(@pce, info).

This also works

?- send(new(window), open).

This all with the 9.1.19 snap image.

That is an issue as the snap doesn’t have Python and (thus) also no Janus. I guess one solution is to build a snap that includes both Prolog and Python, but that feels a bit like overkill. I’m also not sure snap would be able to deal with installing Python packages and without additional packages it is quite useless. In due time Conda is likely to provide SWI-Prolog. As is, Docker is an option (but Docker is not ideal for GUI applications). Another option is to install the PPA. That should work fine, although the latest version is 9.1.18 rather than 9.1.19 due to issues with the PPA services. Installing from source is a little more work to setup, but shouldn’t take more than five minutes and after that you never face version issues anymore :slight_smile:

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sorry i did use use_module( library(pce) ) sorry not 100% today!

and yes windowing system is there. i was thinking like the main session being in a window with the optsions (like windows) but u can use the linux command line version

however - Yes i will build fomr source simpler :slight_smile: from 9.1.19

as usual thanks guys

Start (from the snap)

> swi-prolog.swipl-win

If you build from source and want swipl-win, you need to install the Qt development files. I think that is mentioned in the build instructions.