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Is the text:

This site replaced a classical Apache server build from static documentation pages, a Twiki-based wiki and Bugzilla.

I believe you wanted a classic Apache server built here?

I agree on build vs built, but have my doubt about classical vs classic. Looking at https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/classic-or-classical I have the impression classical is correct, but I’m not a native speaker.

As a native speaker, I think “classic Apache server” is better, although “classical” isn’t wrong (see below).

One easy way to decide usage questions like this is to use Google … try a quoted query (which forces Google to use the words as that exact phrase) and see how many hits it gets (the numbers aren’t precise, but they are indicative). I tried "classic server" (vs "classical server") and "classic book" and in both cases, “classic” was at least 10x more common. An obvious counter-example is “classic music” vs “classical music”; and I’m sure there are other exceptions. Also, there can be dialect differences.

So, in desperation, I tried the query classic vs classical and …
Classicvs . “ classical ” in English. The word “ classic ” can be either an adjective or a noun. … Similarly, “a classic thing” is something that is in some way typical for its class (e.g. “a classic mistake”). “ Classical ” means “traditional” or “being present for a long time”.

So, which meaning did you have in mind, @jan?

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I think clasic is indeed a little closer to what wanted to say :slight_smile:

serves about 350 Gb of data per month

According to Fastly CDN statistics www.swi-prolog.org now serves about 1TB per month :slight_smile:

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moving off topic, but is anybody getting those reports any more?