Need help with starting a tipc_linda server on Ubuntu 22.04.3

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version: 9.0.4 for x86_64-linux.

I want the code to: start a tipc_linda server.

But what I’m getting is:

?-  use_module(library(tipc/tipc_linda)).

?- tipc:tipc_initialize.

?-  linda.

My code looks like this:


I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.

I confirmed that tipc was added to the kernel with the “hello world” example from this website TIPC Getting Started.

I’m new to Prolog. I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestion to help me resolve this issue.

Thank you!

The library was broken. I pushed a fix to GitHub - SWI-Prolog/contrib-tipc: The SWI-Prolog TIPC interface. See FIXED: library(tipc/tipc_linda): · SWI-Prolog/contrib-tipc@0d56846 · GitHub. Either install from the
git source or apply the above manually to your installation.

The library needs proper integration into the unit tests (to be run only on systems with tipc of course).

I applied the fix manually and it worked.
Thank you so much!