No option to add comment to Packs page

No option to add comment for page Packs (add-ons) for SWI-Prolog

When searching for additional predicates with SWI-Prolog the four main places I look in the SWI-Prolog documentation are

  1. Built-in Predicates
  2. The SWI-Prolog library
  3. Packages
  4. Packs

I was able to add a comment for which synced to

and which synced to

but for
there is no option to add a comment. (I did login at the bottom of the page).

Also I never noticed this until just now but when one logs in for leaving comments if they are on the North American server, e.g., logging in will take them to the European server, e.g. Is this always true?

There is an option to review, but it seems broken. Eventually Iā€™d like to connect this to Discourse (as well as comments for predicates, etc.). Not urgent though.

Yes. The eu server is the lead for the database. The us one syncs every hour.

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