Pengines docs

This is not a very discoverable place for the pengines docs. Do we have/can we get a better one?

An additional place that I hoping to make a better place to find anything useful with Prolog is Useful Prolog references

The nice points about this page are:

  1. It is indexed by major search engines.
  2. The more people that make links to the page, the higher up it will appear in search engine results.
  3. It is a Discourse Wiki so any one with Trust level: Basic can edit it.

I know you have lots of useful information on the web about Prolog, such as How To sites, YouTube videos and others, please add them to Useful Prolog references

I was hoping to end up with a pointer to it from somewhere in the pengine docs. Programmers looking for docs tend to look… in the docs.

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What I am suggesting is to just drop more links to it in places where people might find it by choice or by coincidence.

Information from the first page was updated by me when unifying pengines.js code for browser and node. Updated documentation is in pengines README (seen on GH): It should possibly find its way to the manual and every other place to then link to the manual page.


Well the examples in the pengine docs were broken anyway, I’ve submitted a pull request with these fixed ( in the repo linked above). I added a link to the JavaScript docs by the example that uses it for good measure.

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