Pengines server certificate expired


At about 1100 NZ time Sunday 11 Feb my server application pengin server started reporting NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID


Expires On

Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 9:46:25 AM

SHA-256 Fingerprints

Thanks. There was a config error blocking the certificate renewal. Note that this site is pretty outdated and quite likely will go offline soon as the old servers are EOL. swish is more or less the followup of pengines.

Hi Jan.

Re: swish is more or less the followup of pengines.

According to swish/client at master · SWI-Prolog/swish · GitHub :

SWISH is a Prolog development environment built on top of the SWI-Prolog [Pengines]( library.

Is that changing? Is there another RPC for my client JS to call my Prolog-based server?

Sorry for the confusion …

  • The Pengines library is part of the core and considered a stable and vital library
  • SWISH indeed runs on top of library(pengines)
  • demonstrates another way to build applications on top of the Pengines platform. Most of that is now accessible under SWISH as well. SWISH allows for a notebook to contain a single HTML cell and be opened in whole-screen mode. This allows for running an application where the Prolog interaction has become invisible.