Snap refresh generates SELinux Alerts on Fedora 36

I installed SWI-Prolog 9.0.0 using the snap that Jan provided. Effectively this replaced an older version 8.4.3 (which is still there as an alias should I need to compare). I’m running Fedora Linux 36 Workstation Edition.

Subsequently I got SELinux Alerts from the snap daemon that tries to update the software.

The advice offered by the SELinux Alert troubleshooter amounted (for all three variants of the access fail, create/link/getattr) was to run these two command lines (sudo prefixing required):

ausearch -c 'snap-update-ns' --raw | audit2allow -M my-snapupdatens
semodule -i my-snapupdatens.pp

With this the snap update to SWI-Prolog version 9.0.3 succeeded. However the troubleshooter also advises that this should be reported as a bug.

I’m unfamiliar with snap functionality so I’m not sure who the bug report would best be directed to. It’s been five years since I’d had an SELinux Alert under different circumstances and did not have the incentive to want to investigate deeply how to modify a local policy.

So mainly my question is how to report the “bug” (who/when/where). Thanks to Jan for putting that snap out there; it is nice to stay reasonably close to the latest stable versions.

Hi @hardmath
It’s good to know that the snap is useful to you!

Fedora and snaps sometimes do not get along too well.
I believe the best place to report this bug is on the snapcraft forums (
I see that there are previous instances of this issue already reported, but they seem to be for older fedora releases.