Stop trace at query fail point?

I am using SWI-Prolog 8.0.2 on Ubuntu Linux 18.0.4.

Is there a way to get the graphical debugger to start tracing at the first place the top level query fails? (i.e. - at the line of code that is final fail that causes the entire query to fail, not intermediate fails).

Side note. The graphical debugger has a small cosmetic bug, at least on my Linux version. When it starts up, all the panels are grey without content. All I have to do is resize it a little and everything shows up once it repaints. Nothing major, but I thought I should report it.

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It is not easy to tell on which failure this should be trapped. If you can find something, share it.

Yip, the repaint problem is know. It has something to do with a resize request that is not answered. It depends on the X11 window manager and I never managed to point it down. A fix is welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks and understood. If I come up with something I’ll post here.