Structuring a notebook

Currently I’m implementing a SWISH CytoscapeJS renderer, while writing the documentation, in form of notebooks, I realized I haven’t clear the relation among the notebook ‘fragments’, or components.
In particular, is there a way to access predicates among programs cells ?
While debugging the renderer, I had the impression each query get executed in different modules - maybe the pengine assigned one, but - of course - from these queries predicates defined in programs are visible.
I’m fairly sure I’m missing something (very) basic…
Now I’ll try to reproduce the issue (?) on (of course, I’m developing on localhost). But the fact remains that I’d like to know more about the high level relations among SWISH components.

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Silly me, now I’ve found the button that enables predicate sharing…
Sorry for the noise.

Will you make this available? It looks cool!

Yes, ASAP.

I’m thinking to prepare a pack that would handle the installation - so it would be ‘SWISH only’ pack - instead of issuing a PR on

This because I would like to approach a WordPress like architecture, where plugins play an important role, and serve for developers as well end users.

(btw, I like SWISH, but have just started learning it… hope my next questions will be more interesting than this one)

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The current approach for SWISH is to maintain the whole stuff in one repo and have a file in config-available that enables functionality and can be linked from/copied to config-enabled. I think renderers like this are fine to have in the core, but of course in the end it is up to you :slight_smile: