Swi pro http server, use http_get from swi- library on other machine

dear all,

I have the swi-prolog server running with an ssl certificate on port 8443.

When i call https://www.serverurl.nl:8443/?field1=lalal?field2=ahahah with firefox or chrome or opera or edge, it returns the data which the server gives.

When i call the same Url on another machine from swi prolog client program by using the library function http_client:http_get, it does return errors.

If i call https://www.google.nl in the same computer http_get does return normal html text.

If I call the same Url ( on the 8443 swi prolog server ) with Curl commandline with the option --insecure ( which ignores certificate errors ) , it doesnt return text either

I wonder why these symptoms occur.

One option left for me is ofcourse to use http without ssl en use my own created encrypt decrypt functions, but can it be called strange that this ssl isnt always working in these ways?