SWI - Prolog for low end devices (raspberry pi)

Hey everyone. First and foremost, thanks for your contributions to SWI-Prolog. With the tools you all have made public I’ve been able to experiment and make some pretty cool things.
2. OK so…installed swi-prolog on a raspberry pi last month and now I’m assuming the site has updates because now when I tried to reinstall the same package and same version of code. I can’t run or get any solutions. The reason I know it should work, is because I have the same exact code(zip) running on 7.4.2 on a 2009 MacBook Pro. Is there a way to download a specific version other than apt-get for an older release? I just want the version that worked for me.

Thank you

Nevermind…I followed the dependency link from the manual and installed all of them by hand, that solved my issue I think.