SWI Prolog on HaikuOS

Has anybody done this?

I am about to build a PC from parts and I have often wanted to return to BeOS days…so I was going to install HaikuOS on it and then attempt to build SWI Prolog from source but if there any good reasons why that might be a waste of time from the start I’d like to know now.

I checked and the GCC compiler toolchain is all there…it ought to be achievable…

Rang a bell. There is one defined(__HAIKU__) in the code, so I think it has been done. Unless somebody keeps track of the current source on Haiku the port may of course be broken, but it shouldn’t be much work. The minimal requirements to port SWI-Prolog are pretty modest.

Hi Jan,

Wow! Well, seeing as how it might have been done before, I will teachmyself how to set up a development environment as I have it running in VirtualBox but hope to build a real box as some point just because I can!

I think I have tried to build SWI from source before but I don’t remember how it ended!

i see that in Functional programming support in Haiku - #2 by Munchausen - Haiku Community ,
Munchausen says “[…], I have ported SWI Prolog, […]” back in August 2014