Swish is down

https://swish.swi-prolog.org/ is down. No response when trying to visit the website.

after a long time waiting, I get a 504:

Thanks. Restarted. Looks like a problem that happened before. I’ll see whether it is reproducible.

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SWISH is down again. It shows exactly the same symptoms as @yochem experienced 11 days ago

In the meantime i went to cplint (for those not already familiar with it).

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Unfortunately, some of my notebooks are only hosted on SWISH. Will have to find some old backups :wink:

It is back up. Sorry for the service interrupt.

Down for me right now…

This most recent outage may have been due to heavy traffic after Swish was featured on Hacker News.

SWISH is done again now, it has been for a few hours. Same symptoms as before, I eventually get a 504. cc: @jan

Restarted. Will investigate soon and hopefully find a more robust solution :frowning:


Did some more investigation:

  • There was a write-after-free issue related to tabling and some people were playing with tabling.
  • There was another write-after-use issue related to destroying the private predicates of a Pengine.
  • The server runs a monitoring program that validates SWISH is still happilly running every 5 minutes, but there was a mistake calling systemd to restart SWISH when it was misbehaving.

These fixes surely will help. Time will tell more … Sorry for the inconveniences caused by SWISH not being online.


I think that it’s fantastic to have a system like Swish available for free. It not being down is just an extra bonus :slight_smile:


(Saturday Jan 18, 2020)

All services from the VU servers (SWISH, LPN, ClioPatria and one of the main server backends) are down due to a failing file server. The problem is reported, but considering it it weekend I do not know when this will be resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Turned out to be a planned but not miscommunicated migration of the file servers. All services are up again.

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I think it is down again? It loads for an eternity and then just stops. Or is this only with me?

https://swish2.swi-prolog.org/ is up. See Work on SWISH for more information.

Restarted. Somehow the health checking still doesn’t work as it should :frowning:

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