SWISH prolog down?

Hi, in the last 2 days i could reach Swish prolog internet-page only for few hours, and the error id was:
504 Gateway Time-out
nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)
but isn’t my connection the problem.
What could i do? This problem will take much time?
Thank you for the help

Thanks for reporting. The server seems to have crashed due to lack of file descriptors at 3:30AM (CEST). Looks like a config issue after an OS upgrade. The logs also show an extreme load peak yesterday from 4PM to 6PM. Otherwise everything seems to function fine.

The Gateway time out is nothing you can do about. It is the main server not functioning and the proxy here that complains.

It was a bit of searching, but it turned out that some invalid code could corrupt the system. The symptoms can vary a bit, but one of the options was to have more and more threads in a non-terminating loop until the server becomes unusable.

Fixed and restarted SWISH.