I use swish with my students but accessing to the user programs seems much slower than it was last year. Is it just an impression ?

Also Swish seems to be ofline at the moment ?

It seems there are moments when this is slow. This seems related to the Redis cluster we now use to distribute the data. Mostly that works fine, but some client operations do too many Redis requests and cause a slowdown :frowning: That mostly concerns searches. Searching should probably be given to an elastic db. Prolog is not good at full-text search in 200K+ documents :slight_smile: The good news is that in the old days all user data was on a single server without backup and now it is real time replicated to three places.

You can direct your students also to swish2.swi-prolog.org that runs on a different location and talks to the same redis cluster, so user programs are kept in sync.

Last night the main server had a power failure. All should be up and running, be it a bit slow because the server is rebuilding its software raid :frowning:

Brings me to a question: I’d like to investigate whether we can have universities paying for using SWISH. It return we can host it professionally rather than on some old servers and we could consider providing proper facilities to share and distribute educational material and run exercises and exams. Does anyone have an idea whether that can work and how to arrange that? If you would be interested in supporting such a service, please respond here or contact me. If such a program could raise about 15K euro per year it is viable.

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the detailed answer and for the swish2 url.

As for having my university paying for a professional swish I can ask. It will of course depend on the price.
One service I would appreciate is that students could keep their files as private, organize them into directories (without removing sharing facilities) and have the possibility to delete/rename notebooks. Any embedded educational tools would also be welcomed.

Also, regarding swish, I’ve noticed that we (me and my students) never use the two windows on the right. So I’m wondering about their usefulness.

And that depends on the number of universities willing to pay :slight_smile: I’m not a marketeer. If someone knows this market and can work out something that might work (price, how to find interested organizations), please stand up. We can work out a split for the revenues.

Thanks. If a working plan for a SWISH2 materializes this is good input.

Funny. Notebooks where added much later. I think the debugging experience in the two window setup is more comfortable. Notably using the debugger inside the notebook output is a bit limited. Note that you can switch the notebook to full screen, but I guess you would like to keep the controls rather than only the menu?

All input for a SWISH2 :slight_smile:

In case you were not alerted. Swish is offline (internal server error)

There has been a restart around 2300 UTC yesterday. Otherwise all looks fine.