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LLM (Large Language Model) such as ChatGPT prompts related to Prolog Link
Helpful hints about using ChatGPT Link
ChatGPT Strengths, Weaknesses and Limitations Link
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Link
Prolog FAQ (created with ChatGPT) Link
ChatGPT prompts - Programming - Non-codingLink
ChatGPT prompts - Programming - Coding - Source Code Link
ChatGPT prompts - Programming - Data manipulation tasksLink
ChatGPT - answers to questions from elsewhere for comparisonLink
ChatGPT prompts - Prolog - BasicsLink
ChatGPT prompts - Prolog - any implementationLink
ChatGPT prompts - SWI-Prolog

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ChatGPT prompts - s(CASP) Link

Note: The below was posted as a reply to LLM (Large Language Model) such as ChatGPT prompts related to Prolog but the Wiki topics do not allow for replies. It was moved here so that it can be discussed.

It might be useful to update the entry for GPT to add that “ChatGPT is an application built on the GPT platform (they are not the same thing). The GPT platform, including a playground similar to ChatGPT, can be accessed on OpenAI API . This playground provides more controls than ChatGPT. Even more control is given through the GPT API, for which there is now a Prolog library (prolog2gpt) .”

Is this the entry you are referring to?

GPT - stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which is the type of neural network architecture. GPT models have been pre-trained on large amounts of text data, which allows them to generate coherent and contextually-appropriate responses to a wide range of prompts.

It would be good to interject prolog2gpt into the knowledge on that page and add some more details to other entries. For me much of what is in your paragraph would become

  • an addition to the ChatGPT entry
  • several new glossary entries.

For this statement:

ChatGPT is an application built on the GPT platform.

Would it be better as part of this entry

ChatGPT - A large language model developed by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text in response to prompts.


they are not the same thing

can you expand on that. To me it is obvious that they are not the same but that statement leaves one wondering why. I agree that explaining that in more detail would help those new to the concepts. Much of the pedigree can be found in Timeline to ChatGPT. Such an entry would not have to be a verbal description, it could be a timeline, a diagram, or something else that conveys a pedigree or evolution.

Should the name of the link be OpenAI and not OpentAI API?
That would make for a nice entry for OpenAI itself in the glossary, it just needs to be rephrased to be a glossary entry.

This would also make for a nice entry and just needs some rephrasing. Would be the desired link for playground?

That would make for a nice entry if rephrased into a glossary entry; would the entry name OpenAI API be better? And include a link to the API documentation.

That would make for a nice separate entry if rephrased as a glossary entry.