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Minimal and reproducible working examples


We have similar for this site:

Minimal and reproducible working examples

It is a Discourse Wiki so you should be able to edit it. :smiley:

Linking is much easier than editing :slight_smile: and takes less time.

Do you know how the content of the SO article and the Wiki here compare and contrast? Are they roughly the same in spirit but different in the detail?

I am not saying you have to edit the post here each time. I am saying that if you want to change the Wiki post at some time you can. :smiley:

Yes. I created the post here based on the StackOverflow post. This is noted at the bottom.

The original post was made in the Staff category after many edits so only admins can use the edit history to see all of the changes, but the version in the link for this site is now the version of standard.


The one here was a copy of the the one you linked to on StackOverflow and then edited over a few months before being moved to the public category.