Windows 10, SWI-Prolog 8.0.3, Taskbar icon not showing with SWI-Prolog icon

The other day I up graded to SWI-Prolog (AMD64, Multi-threaded, version 8.0.3)

In the process of upgrading, it is first required is to stop all running instances of SWI-Prolog and uninstall SWI-Prolog. This has the side effect that the taskbar shortcut is removed. No problem as this is expected from doing uninstalls many times before.

Then the install of the newer version is done without problems.

Now to make my life easier I manually pin SWI-Prolog to the taskbar. The taskbar shortcut functions as expected (clicking on it opens an SWI-Prolog console) but the icon is just blank,


where before it looked like


Before I could manually change the icon, but not anymore.

I know the build process changed recently and it seems that the way the icon is embedded in the exe can no longer be found by the means needed for the taskbar shortcut.

Just curious if others are having the same problem of not being able to get a taskbar shortcut with the correct icon?

The reason it is a problem is that, I now have to scan the list of shortcuts for the SWI-Prolog icon because it is not obvious. I know I change it to something else, but really prefer the SWI-Prolog icon.

Just installed 8.1.12 on a completely new Win10 VM. Works all just fine. I thought the installer for 8.0.3 is build with the same NSIS configuration.

I will do the install of 8.1.12 in a minute, but just as I was going to stop all running instances I had to find the icon again and didn’t see the blank (empty document) icon. Upon closer inspection, for some reason the icon changed to the correct icon.

That was weird.

8.1.12 Worked as expected.

The taskbar shortcut was created with the correct icon by just pinning the SWI-Prolog application to the taskbar, no manual intervention needed to set the correct icon.