XPCE gtrace's unexpected behaviour for X=... style clauses

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version 8.4.0 64 bits, with XPCE 2.0

When I run a graphical tracer with gtrace sometimes it shows decompiled listing of a predicate rather than the predicate in its original file. This happens when the first clause of the predicate has the form “Var =…” where Var occurs in the head of the predicate rule.

This is how to replicate.

Except for list2_pred, all predicates are displayed in decompiling form by the XPCE tracer.

% file named reason.pl
list2_pred(Info) :-
    Info = [_, _, _].

term_pred(Info) :-
    Info = (_, _, _),

term_t_pred(Info) :-
    Info = t(_, _, _),

atom_pred(Info) :-
    Info = 'Atom',

list1_pred(Info) :-
    Info = [_, _, _],

There was another issue about a decompiled listing of gtrace, but I don’t think it is related to this.

Just upgrade. Works fine in 9.1.15. Didn’t test 9.0.4 (stable).

Thank you, jan. Works in 9.0.4 too.