Commenting system on SWI Prolog site rather problematic. Can it be improved?


I tried commenting on the SWI Prolog website but the “markup” system, as implemented, gets in the way.

It seems to be attuned to prose.

If you want to add actual code using the “code” markup, it gets confused because the “=” marker introduces code. And “=” appears everywhere in code (Brilliant! The same problem exists with FosWiki/TWiki inline code markup btw.).

If you want to add code without the “code” markup, the formatter defaults to the a situation were you are apparently blogging about your fridge contents, removes the linebreaks and collapses everything into a single line.

At this point, having a commenting system that just accepted pure text and displayed it in Courier, as done in Usenet times, would be more useful. One could then even draw text-based diagrams!

Alternatively one could move to something which accepts markdown syntax, which is agreeable, useful and widely known.

What’s the future of this feature?