Update: Rules and visual syntax in Praxis

Hello again!

Here is another blog-post about the IDE for visual programming in prolog that I’m making: Praxis

This time I’m talking about how rules are formulated, and how the visual syntax works.


Right now I’m using Tau-Prolog for running Prolog in the browser, but if anyone should be able to make a nice, stable WASM-package of SWI-Prolog, I would be very very interested -would love to start playing with ways of formulating constraints in a visual way!

It will probably happen pretty soon, though sadly I’m not competent to even try making one myself :slight_smile:

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Good questions!

Yes, there is a comment-shape, that you can use to add descriptive text in. Presently, they just lie around without being connected to any other shape. I just had an idea, though - i wanted to avoid a unnecessary number of connections, since I would find it a bit distracting with an extra visible connection for something that is just a comment -but; I think i could make it so that the content shape Can have a connection to another shape, but this connection will only be visible when you are hovering the mouse nearby.

Having a connection to the comment shape would make it possible to also put the comment in the correct place, in the generated Prolog code, which can of course be interesting

Cheers! /Torbjörn

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