Consult problems


I’m using: SWI-Prolog version 8.1.3 the lates for windows 10 x64

I try consult simply programm or just empty file, anything.
Expected result - to have green line like (…/ compiled 0.0sec ect…
Actual - nothing happend
My simple programm is compiled by SWI Prolog text editor without any bugs.

But what I’m getting is: I want to consult my programm but i cant. After press button “consult” and select nothing happens. The main screen continue to work without any problems.

After open a file (consult/ select file/ press ok)

My code looks like this:

mother_child(trude, sally).

father_child(tom, sally).
father_child(tom, erica).
father_child(mike, tom).

sibling(X, Y)     :- parent_child(Z, X), parent_child(Z, Y).

parent_child(X, Y) :- father_child(X, Y).
parent_child(X, Y) :- mother_child(X, Y).


Ive read more about prolog: its my first expirience. So, the swi works correctly, without green message


At some point the consult message was (by default) removed as it is mostly noisy when loading code from the command line using

?- [file].

Thanks for sending this message. I’ll reenable verbose loading when loading using the menu. As you noticed though, the files are loaded anyway.


Fixed with

Probably not important enough as you now know, but you can download nightly builds from Of course, these are not always an improvement compared to the last release :slight_smile: