Discourse rewrites of GitHub links

There is an error in link rewriting of GitHub links. “master”
is automaticall replace by version by some robot.

But only inside the link text and not the link itself. Happened
today multiple times in this post #12.

So when clicking on the link, it still sends me to “master”,
which is Ok for me, but the link text is wrong.

Is this some plug-in that does this? Is this a known bug?
Can this robot be disabled?

The only feature of this site that I am aware of that rewrites GitHub links is the Discourse GitHub plugin.

It is not a bug.

It is not a robot.

This feature has been active since the site was created over a year ago.
I have no plans to change it.

This also is not related to the recent theme installs.

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Does that happen if you just paste the link into the text box here?

Does it happen if you explicitly do the [text](link)?

Here a test with one of your links, let’s see what happens:

Just paste the text:

Use the explicit markdown for links:


I will post this and see what gives; sorry for the noise.

Hmm, you must be using a third way to share links since neither looks like the links in the post you shared.

EDIT: actually, I am using the discourse site at https://swi-prolog.discourse.group to post. Are you using an email client?

EDIT2: I did not make the word discourse into a link myself, the robots did :slight_smile: Did I want to turn this particular word in this sentence into a link? The question is irrelevant I guess, the robots do know better. If they correct us this means we were wrong.

EDIT3: this is giving me Microsoft Word flashbacks. Autocorrect was so-so, and could be configured. Selecting with the mouse was infuriating; I still have habits from these times, like moving the mouse backwards (right to left, down to up), this seemed to disarm the “I know better than you what you are selecting” robot.

It seems to be a robot called “system”. If you look at
the revisions of the post you find:

But what this system robot does is buggy. It only replaces
the text of the link, but not the link itself.

It only replaces what is inside [] but not what is inside ().
Where can I issue a bug report?

So does it take a while for it to take place? The two links I posted in my reply above are still as I wrote them and have not been replaced by “system”.

I guess you didn’t write “master”. So there is nothing to do for the system robot. The robot replaces GitHub “master” by a permanent address. But only in the text, not in the link.

That is the rendered change, done by the system robot. The left hand side is before the system robot did the revision. The right hand side is after:

Which looks fine from the outside. But under the hood its done wrongly.
It only replaces what is inside [text], but not what is inside (link). Which

doesn’t make much sense, since clicking on the link still sends you to master.
You see the error if you look at the markup source:

The second master was not rewritten.