Examples of commercial use of swi-prolog (and other prolog)



I was yesterday asked why I chose to develop a solution system in prolog; and whether I know of other (significant) commercial systems written in prolog (swi-prolog).

To help me answer such a question in the future.; if you know of any commercial systems developed in full or in part with use of prolog, could you let me know of it …

thank you,



I’m doing commercial work, but although it is complicated stuff I cannot claim any commercial significance yet.

I recently read a study concluded that the choice of programming language (and success of that choice) statistically correlates much more with the libraries supported by that language more than with the features of that language.

Yet in my case I chose Prolog because of the backtracking search and later for the constraint resolution mechanisms. I stuck with SWI because it has good development assists and adequate libraries for network and file stuff, and the speed is good enough.