Need Help with research about industrial/commercial applications in Prolog

Hello, friends,
I was given an assignment by a teacher at my university to find commercial or industrial applications using prolog or logic programming and write a report. english is not my native language and there is not much information, so I decided to ask for help here. if you know of any commercial or industrial (or even open source) applications, please write about them and, if it’s not too much trouble, give me links.
I will be infinitely grateful for your help! Thanks!

See: Useful Prolog references


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I have this list
ContractExpress/DealBuilder from Business Integrity Ltd
InFlow from OrgNet
GridMind tool for modelling and simulation of new technologies implementation into energy grids (smart grids, smart metering etc.). Complex models satisfying lot of rules. Prolog + CLP

XSB, Inc. uses Prolog for knowledge extraction and standardization and for ontology representation. They found that Prolog code is more stable and they spend less on maintaining it than with Java code.
The Nokia N900 phone used prolog to do UI state management
Prosyn: chemical process design consultant. The system is mainly implemented in Prolog.

Australian company developing stock brokering tools
Budapest company specialized in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry
Watson by IBM

PDC SCORE, by the Prolog Development Centre, is used to coordinate 20% of the air traffic in the world (Visual Prolog)
Molinarium, a website with learning resources for latin language by Spanish startup Molino de Ideas. It includes an automatic declensor, syllable splitter and an automatic simulator that takes a latin word and derives it to Spanish automatically (following the historical rules of transformation from Latin to Spanish). The code behind the project is Prolog

London-based startup Textrazor performs text analysis via API and the engine behind it is coded in Prolog TextRazor - The Natural Language Processing API
Nobreach, Inc. uses Prolog and CHR for program analysis (symbolic execution). They have found that their executable operational semantics of programming languages (which lack formal definition) is more succinct and maintainable.

Cohors LLC uses an automatic test framework written in Prolog and wrote auto test sets for different companies products including AVG.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) uses prolog for various purposes central to its mission. This is a complex application in a high-volume large data environment, mixed with C, Java, C++.

Prolog was used for specifying the type checker in the Java Virtual Machine version 7

The type checker enforces type rules that are specified by means of Prolog clauses. English language text is used to describe the type rules in an informal way, while the Prolog clauses provide a formal specification.


Very good pointers so far! You may also want to check out the talks on applications in the recent Prolog day symposium. Longer descriptions were published in the related book “Prolog: The Next 50 Years”.


I’m curious about using Prolog (or logic programming) to manage UI state.

Could you (or anyone else here) provide further information (i.e. Prolog and UI state management)? I can’t find resource about Prolog and Nokia N900 on the internet at the moment.


The fact that Prolog was used in Nokia N900 was mentioned in this conversation in the swi-prolog mailing list in 2011:
From Stefan:

On 28.04.2011 10:00, Jan Wielemaker wrote:

On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 23:27 +0200, Stefan wrote:

PS: did you know that SWI is shipped with every N900 phone?
Part of Maemo, I guess? I got some reports on possible writing
outside array boundaries recently (none of them was a real thread).
Seems to be part of some `policy manager’. Would be nice if such
usage can be made public. Its a bad thing that the majority of
commercial Prolog users is hiding Prolog as a secret weapon :frowning:

Yes, you’re right. It is apparently used by Nokia for some kind of
resource management or so.

And in this case it IS public, kind of:

SWI-Prolog: running scripts? - - Talk
(where they also discuss how you can bring it to life on the command line) - package instance Ohm-plugin-prolog
(that shows the dependency with ‘ohm’, ‘Open Hardware Manager with Nokia
policy add-ons’)

So, there is a swi-prolog package on the N900, it is not hidden, every
user of the device can see where swi-prolog is used e.g. using apt-cache
dump. I think it is a good sign, to use Prolog naturally where it fits,
as you would use other libraries.
I guess Stefan is this person ‪Stefan Rapp‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬ (guessed from his email domain

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