FCube 4.1, a Prolog prover for Intuitionistic Propositional Logic, now online - Reply 1

Hi Joseph,

I am looking for an introduction with practical examples for intuitionistic propositional logic, but a search only showed up for me reference that are highly mathematical.

Could you perhaps recommend something readable for a non-logician …



Logical Options

An Introduction to Classical and Alternative Logics

In my opinion, it is certainly a good introduction: Bell et alii 's proof method is not really difficult, more simple than FCube algorithm, but akin to it (it is also the indirect method of proving via a search of countermodel). It is the intuitionistic version of Beth trees method for classical logic. Have a look on this nice book. If you cannot find it, please, send an email to me (my email adress is on my blog).

“An Introduction to Classical and Alternative Logics” by: John L. Bell; David DeVidi; Graham Solomon


For those that are aware of this, a WorldCat page has an option to enter your location,


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looks like a library at the university in Genoa Italy, around 700 miles away, is the closest library :slight_smile: