Hack Day for SWI-Prolog


Started organizing a distributed hack day via the SWI-Prolog twitter account.
This is a day when folks all over the world work on some project to help the SWI-Prolog ecosystem.

So far 6 folks have said they’d participate.

Date not yet set.


What about those of us who are not on Twitter? How about using this forum now that we have it.


Twitter’s been a demonstrably effective tool for growing the community.

Sometimes that has the minor downside that we have to coordinate across platforms.


So, looks like the hack day will be next sunday, February 17, and we’ll be working on James Cash’s Vue.js + pengines integration

EDIT: Wrong repo! sorry - I’ve made an organization, and cloned the correct one into it


So, needing something fairly real time to coordinate, Nicolas and I decided we’d use the ##prolog channel on freenode.net IRC.


Hey Barb -
We’re on IRC on ##prolog (hard to ‘hang out’ on discourse) and have made an organization with the repo to share code. Let me know your github handle, I’ll add you


It’s happening!

We ended up in ##prolog on IRC.
Good things happening.

It’s evening here, I’m about at end of my computing.