PrologHub launch: A community hub, a place to share, learn and keep up-to-date (Discussion)

Wow, very cool! I have a few posts I’ve written about Prolog that I’d be happy to contribute :grin:

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Cool! Now we have some options as on how to merge this into the rest of the landscape. At this moment we have (probably I am missing some, please make complete)

As for PrologHub

  • Is its source open?
  • Is its data accessible?
  • How to become contributor?

The latter also relates to logins: right now we have different logins at all places :frowning:

PrologHub source is open:

Because I wanted to make it with some speed and a lot of features are required, it’s using Wagtail CMS, which is in Python. Frontend is Bootstrap but with Bootswatch United CSS, there’s no clever JavaScript.

The data is not accessible, yet. I’ve added an issue to the repo to make it accessible via RDF. There is limited data accessible via the RSS feed. I’ve got Google Analytics tracking visitors so we can see what topics and categories are popular, as per the cookie notification. I’m working on getting that data into the admin interface for all contributors to see.

At this very early stage I am going to create accounts for those who indicate an interest in contributing here and message them via discourse. Beyond existing users adding new users manually, I have no plans, but this is a community project, so if others do, that’d be great.

How does one get the RSS feed? I was looking around for a link, but didn’t see anything.

Top-left corner in the header bar

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Is the site gone?

I’ve let the domain name expire, traffic and interest just wasn’t sufficient to justify the cost.

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In checking it seems the site is back up.

Is it back?

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Hopefully :slight_smile: I liked it!

What do you know, it is running! I had a server migration so I guess the service was still enabled and it must have started up. I don’t have any plans to get back into managing it, so let’s call it “unofficially” back: I’ll leave it running at that IP for a few months. The server that it’s on I’m only keeping around as I need it to evaluate my PhD research, but once that’s complete I won’t need the server anymore. I’m happy to work out a migration though if anyone wants to take it over, I’ll even contribute some posts.

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