PrologHub launch: A community hub, a place to share, learn and keep up-to-date

Our Prolog community is awesome, filled with great people who are happy to share their work, code, solutions and to help each other out. But we’re all writing our own blogs/tutorials, our news is spread across many sites, and this can make it difficult to find. Just yesterday I had to hunt to track down Annie’s tutorial on print_message/2 via the beginner’s course Moodle, I’m sure many of you can relate to the difficulties of searching for material.

So I have begun what I hope will become a community project. I wanted a central repository where we could go and search for people’s posts, tutorials, news and other useful information. Something like a blog for Prolog, but that also supports external “posts”. So I’ve created

It’s new, and not particularly feature rich yet, but we have tags, categories, users, posts with optional interactive client-side Prolog code thanks to Tau-Prolog, and external posts that can link to places like SWISH, your own blog or webpage. There are two example posts up now, one of each type.

This is a community project to serve the community, it needs you to be a success. So, if you’d like to write, moderate, code, or use it to link to your existing material, then I want to create a user account for you so you can continue to be awesome. Who’s in?