First Month Update launched almost 1 month ago, I’ll be on holiday on the 16th, so here’s an update 4 days early.

3 active authors
12 posts published

108 Visitors
197 Sessions
Avg. 1m 47s duration
Most popular on Tuesdays
24% visitors return
Most popular country of origin (high to low): UK, USA, Spain, France & Brazil

Traffic sources
Only 6% traffic is from organic search so far.
Still heavily reliant on social media and referrals.

Category Popularity
23% Introductory
21% AI
20% Development Practices
19% Web Development
9% Security
8% Puzzles

If you’re interested in contributing, please message me!


I love so far. It’s great to see you and everyone taking the initiative to provide a great news source for Prolog. The statistics and feedback is encouraging.

Thank you for all your efforts on this. :slight_smile:

Kindest regards,