Second Month Update

This’ll follow the same pattern as the first month update, except this time I was on holiday on the 16th, so we’re doing it on the 17th!

4 active authors (+1)
11 posts published (-1)

88 Visitors (-20)
190 Sessions (-7)
402 Page Views
Avg 2.12 Pages viewed per session
Avg. 2m 7s duration (+20s)
Most popular on Wednesdays, (previously Tuesday).
30.1% of traffic is returning visitors (31 users)
Most popular country of origin (high to low): USA, UK, France, South Africa, Spain (Previously: UK, USA, Spain, France & Brazil)

Traffic sources
Organic search traffic has increased by 1.5% to 7.5%, these visitors view twice as many pages per session, stay almost twice as long per session and bounce the least. Social media is 40% of traffic, direct is 43% and referrals are 5%. We’ve also now got linkable pages for external blog posts, so we can get some trackable data for visits to these pages. Finally @hubProlog was launched on Twitter to share new posts weekly.

Category Popularity
25% Introductory
25% Development Practices
25% Web Development
18% AI
8% Security
0% Puzzles

As the number of posts is growing we’ve added in a featured posts feature to the landing page. We’ve also added Google search analytics, this month we’ve had 4 clicks and 58 impressions on Google search.

If you’re interested in contributing (post content or Python/Wagtail for development), please message me!