Help needed for code injection into a pengine

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version 64-bit 8.1.10

I want the code to:
pass the src_text parameter to inject some code into a pengine before querying (as per the Pengines documentation)

But what I’m getting is:
Using curl, I am using the following test bash script

$> curl -v http://localhost:3030/pengine/create -d application=genealogist -d src_text="assert_father_child(tom, molly)." -d ask="ancestor_decendant(X, Y)"

but I fail to obtain any result. There has been discussion regarding issues with the src_text parameter in the past [1, 2], but trying with variants like src or srctext has not been helpful.

Also, note that

$> curl -v http://localhost:3030/pengine/create -d application=genealogist -d ask="assert_father_child(tom, molly), ancestor_decendant(X, Y)"

works perfectly on my system.

Could someone give me a clue on how to use the src_text parameter for injecting code into a pengine, please?

Many thanks!

Hmm. This works for me:

8_> curl -d format=csv -d solutions=all -d application=swish -d ask="p(X)" -d src_text="p(1). p(2)."

Thanks! Indeed, it works correctly. I was making my tests using the “genealogist” app, and for whatever reason, it seems that attempting to inject an assertion with src_text does not work.