Logtalk 3.33.0 released


Logtalk 3.33.0 is now available for downloading at:


This release adds make tool support for detecting duplicated library aliases, fixes silent loading of settings files when used to load libraries and tools, updates the documenting tool to list inherited public predicates in entity API documentation, improves tool documentation, adds new library predicates, includes fixes and improvements for libraries and tools, adds new library tests, adds new multi-threading programming examples, adds an example of using the question-asking mechanism, fixes example issues, and provides updated support for ECLiPSe, SICStus Prolog, SWI-Prolog, XSB, and YAP. For details and a complete list of changes, please consult the release notes at:


Logtalk marketing and sponsoring goals for the current year include:

  • 200 GitHub stars (currently at 153)
  • 20 sponsors (currently at 3)

Next January, it will make two years of full time development with 19 releases with significant updates, a new website, and a reactivated tech blog. Your support is key for Logtalk success. Counting on you.

Happy logtalking!

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