Logtalk 3.36.0 released


Logtalk 3.36.0 is now available for downloading at:


This release adds lint checks for cyclic terms and float comparisons, improves the lint checks for unification goals that are always true or always false, changes the preferred format of dates and versions in info/1 directives for ISO 8601 standard compliance and support for upcoming version management tools, updates the list of directories searched for settings files, includes fixes and improvements for compiler and runtime error handling, includes Handbook and tools documentation improvements, adds a new hook_objects library providing convenient hook objects for defining custom expansion workflows, improves portability of several libraries for backends supporting rational numbers, improves the reliability of the logtalk_tester automation script and adds command-line options to pass additional options to the backend compiler and to set output verbosity, improves tutor tool warning explanations, adds tests for the definitions of the standard ISO Prolog operators, adds new introductory examples for key Logtalk semantics, adds a SWI-Prolog Pengines integration example (contributed by Michael T. Richter), updates code snippets for the supported text editors, and provides updated support for ECLiPSe, Qu-Prolog, and SWI-Prolog. For details and a complete list of changes, please consult the release notes at:


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Happy logtalking!