New services online

The website migration has been completed. Summary:

  • The website now runs on three VPS servers at and one at
  • is served by CDN with one backend server at and the other on
  • SWISH now runs on the three machines operating as a load-balancing cluster. The three run a Redis DB in high availability (sentinel) cluster mode that keeps track of meta-data and user sessions. Each of the three servers runs a SWISH instance. The three are behind an nginx load balancing proxy. The three SWISH instances replicate user files based on Redis messages. This means that SWISH finally has become a service with high availability and small risk for data loss.
  • and have been dockerized and migrated.
  • that served the WASM demo has been discontinued. The WASM version now runs at
  • has been discontinued. It now redirects to
  • All services now use HTTPS, redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS.
  • All services are now accessible using IPv6.

Sorry for the many service interruptions, notably affecting SWISH during the past week.