Pasting in-line text containing \


If you use the \ character with in-line text, e.g. \= or \+ it will be converted to = or + which is probably not what you desired. While Discourse tries to be intelligent abut converting pasted text to HTML, it also uses Markdown and Markdown uses \ as an escape character.

Example of doing it wrong, = and +.

For in-line code just bookend the text with `, e.g. `\=` or `\+` which appears as\= or \+.


just double up on the \, e.g. pasting \\= or \\+ appears as \= or \+.

However if you have several lines of of code, bookend the code section with ```prolog and ``` and the code section will be converted by the source code converter for Prolog which leaves the \ alone.

A \= b.
\+ true.

As a follow-up I added a post to the discussion at Meta Discourse asking that this be fixed for Discourse.

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