Private messages - Not seeing sent message

I just tried sending a private message and I can’t see it in my list of messages (under my Profile icon) so I’m confused: was it sent, or not?

I tried sending another private message to myself, just to see what’s going on, and after pressing “Message” I was redirected to a private page for that message but I still can’t find it in my list of messages.

Is everything working as meant, with private messages?

Btw, I can find my private message to myself in my browser history, in this url:

Testing - SWI-Prolog

But I can’t find the other private message I sent earlier not to myself.

I had the same problem when first using private messages.

Here is how to find sent private messages using the Web interface that currently do not have a reply.

In the upper right click on the in box icon image

Using the left menu click on Sent
The message should be there.

Let me know if you need more help and thanks for asking.

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Thanks Eric! I missed that :slight_smile:

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