Splitting topics

I don’t know how to move all dict discussion into a new thread on swi-prolog.discourse.group . There are a couple already in this thread that should be kept together. How is this done? Only positing a response doesn’t make sense to start a thread.

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Sorry, you can not. it is limited to administrators, but I am happy to do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually I just ask people to private message me so that it keeps the splitting messages clear of the topic itself, but this works also.

While the means by which you requested that this topic be split and some post moved to the new topic by flagging each post will work, the up side on the way you did it is that it identifies all the post for me, the down side is that the flag system wants to do some of the work and I might accidentally make a mistake trying to do what needs to be done and the flag system might do something other than what I expect. :slightly_smiling_face:

As splitting topics is becoming a regular and appreciated function here, I put in a feature request asking if a user can do all of the work and then an admin can either approve or decline the split.