Strange spaced out chars in debug window


I have to temporarily change my computer. After installing my work environment … Latest eclipse and swi prolog on ubuntu 16.04.

When starting the graphic debugger all lines aew spaced out … I.e. a space char is added to each char.

Even in the help window prolog code is spaced out. In the eclipse windows and repl the code text appears fine.

Is there a way to fix this …

Thank you


Looks like it spacing in emacs. Spacing between chars is huge. Trying to change font definitions in editors setting doesnt seem to do anything

Any suggestions are much appreciated

I did manage to do something.

The font got like 200 point big one letter covering half of the screen essentially blocking any mouse action. No way to try to edit that away …

I uninstalled the dev environment and will have to wait until i have access to my working computer again …

Anyway … Perhaps its time to take off a bit :slight_smile: