Tags to clarify a topic as 'discussion' or 'on-topic-only'

This site uses tags and tags can be created by users with Trust Level 3. (Users in group - Trust Level 3)

Two new tags discussion and on-topic-only have been created.

To help in administering certain topics so that if they go off topic, it can be politely noted that the topic is tagged on-topic-only.

Adding a tag is simple, when you create the topic just select the tag from the list provided, start typing the tag, or create a tag (TL3). Also the current limit is 5 tags per topic, but that can be changed.

To see all the tags, just click the hamburger image in the upper right and select tags:


Also this topic was tagged discussion

while Steadfastness of a remote answer collector, Web Prolog style was tagged on-topic-only

How they appear on the main page.



I know it is confusing to see: Split Topic on-topic-only
Suggestions for improvement welcome.

Adding or changing tags

If you need to add or change tag(s) after the post is created.

  1. Open the topic
  2. At the top of the topic will be the title with a pencil after the name


Click on the pencil

There is now an input selector for adding, selecting one or more tags.

  1. Select a tag

  1. When done, click the check mark to accept the current state of the information.


For more details about using tags in Discourse see: It’s Time We Talked About Tags

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