Tags to clarify a topic as 'discussion' or 'on-topic-only'

This site uses tags and tags can be created by users with Trust Level 3. (Users in group - Trust Level 3)

Two new tags discussion and on-topic-only have been created.

To help in administering certain topics so that if they go off topic, it can be politely noted that the topic is tagged on-topic-only.

Adding a tag is simple, when you create the topic just select the tag from the list provided, start typing the tag, or create a tag (TL3). Also the current limit is 5 tags per topic, but that can be changed.

To see all the tags, just click the hamburger image in the upper right and select tags:


Also this topic was tagged discussion

while Steadfastness of a remote answer collector, Web Prolog style was tagged on-topic-only

How they appear on the main page.



I know it is confusing to see: Split Topic on-topic-only
Suggestions for improvement welcome.

For more details about using tags in Discourse see: It’s Time We Talked About Tags

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